Casse Racing

Mark Casse

Tina Casse

CEO of Casse Racing

David Carroll

Assistant Trainer
  • Favorite Horse: Our next winner.
  • Joined the Team: 2016
  • Entered the Horse Business: 1960, the year I was born. My father was a jockey and it’s all I’ve ever known and loved.
  • What I Love About Horse Racing: Having the privilege to work with these great animals.

Nick Tomlinson-Alleyne

Assistant Trainer
  • Favorite Horse: Pretty City Dancer, Classic Empire, and Tepin
  • Joined The Team: 2015
  • Entered the Horse Business: I was born into the industry but started working in it in 2006.
  • What I Love About Horse Racing: The opportunity to be a part of a successful operation means you are constantly learning. And to be around these amazing animals every day isn’t a job, it’s a dream come true.

Allen Hardy

Assistant Trainer
  • Favorite Horse: Kaigun, Pappacap, Tepin, and Wonder Wheel.
  • Joined the Team: 2011
  • What I Love About Horse Racing: The thoroughbred itself, they’re a prey animal, their herd instinct is flight or fight. We have the privilege to harness and channel those instincts into explosive, competitive athleticism. There’s no better feeling of winning a race with an amazing team of people.

Omar Delcid Sanchez

Omar alongside War of Will at the Preakness
Assistant Trainer
  • Favorite Horse: War of Will
  • Joined the Team: 2018
  • Entered the Horse Business: It’s always been part of my life, since before I can remember my parents have worked at the track– my mother was a hotwalker, and my father a goom. Both of them worked for Mark Casse for many years. I’ve always had the dream of one day becoming a trainer, so in 2018, after graduating high school, I got the opportunity to start hot walking for Team Casse down in Florida. Throughout the years, Mark has opened many doors for me that make those dreams of mine so much closer to achievement, and I am extremely thankful for that.
  • What I Love About Horse Racing: I love horses in general, because they all have their own personalities and I love working alongside them every day to try and make them better.